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Laser toner that saves printing cost

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Laser toner that saves printing cost
Ink cartridges from Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) are normally available at high prices. For example, black ink cartridges (for laser printers), are priced at approximately 2,000 baht or more, while some models can go to 4,500 baht per a cartridge.
There is a simple solution for this problem. Just change to PIXXOR toner which is cheaper but higher quality. Certified by several leading institutes, PIXXOR toner helps save toner cost. PIXXOR also offers free printers for use and after-sale services within 1 day throughout the period of usage.
PIXXOR toner for printer has been certified by several standardization agencies such as ISO9001, International standard STMC, environmentally-friendly standards such as ISO14001, RoHS, and REACH. Therefore, you can be confident to use the toner which causes no harm to the environment, saves cost and has high quality.
For more information about PIXXOR laser toner, please send your inquiries to our Inbox. Our admin staff will handle your inquiries and contact you as soon as possible. Or call 02-294-5955.

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