Terms of Services

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Terms of Services

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The Company undertakes to provide raw materials or production processes without any defects. In case that you discover wear or damaged products, the Company shall be liable under the terms of warranty as follows;

  1. Product warranty only covers the proper use of products or errors from production processes.
  2. The lifetime of damaged products shall not exceed 1 year from the date of purchase.
    (Please keep a tax invoice or receipt as evidence for product claim.)
  3. Claimed product shall include its packaging box and it must be the original package of such product.
  4. Damaged product shall have the remaining weight from the use of not less than 30% from the original weight of full toner cartridge.
  5. This warranty excludes disassembled products or refilled toner cartridge, broken product, broken or cracked caused by falls, or any negligent action of users, natural disasters, foreign objects causing damages to products, such as staples, insects, animals, etc.
  6. Products are ideal for printing with normal paper based on general standards. It is not suitable for printing specific papers, such as sticker, photo paper, and thick paper. In case of there is any glue residue or damages from such use, the Company shall not be liable for product replacement.

Warranty for Damages of Printer

  1. If toner cartridges of “PIXXOR” cause your printer to malfunction, the Company is willing to repair the printer in all cases without any charges
  2. The warranty shall not cover any damage that does not arise from toner cartridges of “PIXXOR”.

Duration of Services

  1. Service hours are based on the regular office hours from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM –05:30 PM (Excluding official holidays).
  2. Officers are entitled to reserve its right or reject to solve any problem arising out of computer systems.

How to Claim Products

Toner cartridge

  1. Cleary inform your data (Company name, Contact name, Telephone number)
  2. Identify product model that has problem (See from the side of its packaging box)
  3. Describe problems and malfunctioning conditions (Please keep the printing sample for product claim, if any)


  1. Cleary inform your data (Company name, Contact name, Telephone number)
  2. Identify printer model and printer number (Serial No.) used with “PIXXOR” toner cartridges


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