We have a management team who unceasingly creates and develops new innovations
for applying to operations and providing high-quality products and services.

What makes leading global corporate trust in products and services of “PIXXOR” is our management team who unceasingly creates and develops new innovations.

North Pole

Sale database system and customer data record can be applied to process performances rapidly and accurately to create customer satisfaction and gain highest efficiency.

South Sea

It is the customer service system that is used for recording the provision of services, such as printer maintenance, product claim, or product installation, etc. Apart from recording the provision of services, this system also has more advantages which can apply all recorded data to analyze and make a report or become knowledge to employees and customers.

East Coast

It is the system that supports the reward redemption of customers. It provides customer registration data, point accumulation record of customers, reward redemption record of customers and status of reward delivery.

West Corridor

It is the system that is used to record asset data of Pixxor in order to link it to customers‟ companies. The procedures range from accepting assets into the system, linking assets to customers, to accepting the return of assets from customers. From this system, we can inspect which assets are with customers or examine the lot of assets received by customers.


The objectives of this system are to provide the efficiency of product delivery, bill placement, and cheque acceptance and create the least errors. It allows users to check the delivery status for customers.


Everest is a system developed by PIXXOR for change the way to claim the products from computer system to mobile application and make the way to claim the products more convenient and faster for our customers


Danube is a Human Resources database storage a Candidates Profile, Employees, Internal-External Training, Time Attendance. The objective of danube is to provide the high efficiency of Human Resources system

ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Pixxor applies ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) to link work systems in any areas together which share the same database, creating the operating system in the organization. ERP System is able to integrate with all core business processes in the company, such as, sale, accounting, and human management, to create the corresponding linked system.
Our organization manages, plans, and records correct and effective data, allowing “Pixxor” to be certified by the quality management standard, ISO 9001:2015

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